poem of the day

A turtle who forgot

Once there was a turtle, who lived in a shell
He was happy and content, as he lived life so well
But one day, a strange thing happened with a sigh
He forgot how to eat, and started to cry.

He looked at his food, with a confused look on his face
And his friends all around, couldn't believe the disgrace
"How could you forget, something so simple and fun?"
But the turtle just shrugged, and said, "I'm not sure, I'm done".

So they took him to doctors, who checked him with care
But they found no illness, they found no repair
Then they took him to specialists, who knew what to do
But they couldn't help him, and said, "It's up to you."

So the turtle, with a smile, went back to his home
And he closed his eyes tight, and focused all alone
And when he opened them, he saw with glee
He had remembered how to eat, and was back to being free!

So now he feasts on leaves, and fruit every day
And he's grateful for the friends, who helped him find the way
And he tells all the other turtles, with a smile on his face
"If you ever forget how to eat, just remember, it's all in the taste!"

~James Porover
February 5th, 2023